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One purpose of starting D.S Audit Services was because Dinesh observed the lack of professionalism and communication in dealing with client matters and having their issues resolved in a timely manner. By creating a space and system for clear dialogue and communication between our staff and the client is of utmost importance. Many Accounting firms have also expressed that there is a need for clear and open communication throughout the entire audit process.

At D.S Audit Services, while we utilise technology daily to maintain compliance for our SMSF clients, we truly believe that it is critical to always maintain service excellence.

Too many auditors focus on low-quality audit work, pushing the price of an audit down, however at D.S Audit Services, are challenging this by providing a high-quality service and placing a greater demand on accountability and client education.

Our fees are reasonable for what we provide the client. At D.S Audit Services, we are able to compete on a national level by leveraging online and cloud technologies to improve our business practices and processes, and we are able to pass on this efficiency to the client by providing open and effective communication to our clients on a regular basis, including having a key account manager who attends to the clients needs.

Our company is focused on service, strategy, solutions, and we pride ourselves on being a provider of choice for our clients. Having a client-centric focus has allowed us to grow our business rapidly.

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