Taxes of SMSF

Tax-free of SMSF in Australia

What is tax-free of SMSF? Tax-free of SMSF in Australia: when I say tax-free it’s actually better than that because some tax-free income has issues in other areas.  When you get other rebates and things like that.  So it’s good someone says you get that income you don’t pay any tax on it, but over […]

Costs of operating SMSFs

Costs of operating SMSFs

Is the self-managed super fund expensive? Costs of operating SMSFs: The one of the disadvantage of a self-managed super fund is that it can be more expensive. You may be in a fund now where your fees are quite low and you could move into a self-managed super fund. Let’s say for example you’re going […]

The disadvantages and advantages of an SMSF

The advantages and disadvantages of an SMSF

Is SMSF a good investment? First of all, we’ll talk about what a self-managed super fund is? So what we’re aiming for today? We’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of a self-managed super fund. What you can invest in if you set up your own super fund? Then we’ll more specifically go into some […]

SMSF is the feature of Australia’s economic system

Is SMSF the feature of Australia’s economic system?

Introduction SMSF Is SMSF the feature of Australia’s economic system? For a long time, self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) have been a prominent feature of Australia’s economic system. The statistics support this statement: more than $400 billion of assets; more than three-quarter million members; more than 400,000 funds. There are, of course, a multitude of economic, […]

The superannuation borrowing rules

The superannuation borrowing rules in Australia

The steps involved in undertaking a borrowing arrangement to purchase a property. The superannuation borrowing rules in Australia: Superannuation funds are generally prohibited from borrowing money.   However, there are a small number of   exemptions that apply, including an exemption for limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBAs).  The rules that enable superannuation funds to borrow to invest […]

Accounting in the organizations in Australia

Accounting in the organizations

How Will Accounting Help Me? Accounting in the organizations: A working knowledge of accounting is desirable for virtually every field of endeavor. Some examples of how accounting is used in other careers include: General management Imagine running Ford Motors, Massachusetts General Hospital, Northern Virginia Community College, a Subway franchise, a Trek bike shop.  All general […]

Investment strategy SMSF

Investment strategy SMSF in Australia

Investment strategy Investment strategy SMSF in Australia: Ensuring your investment strategy accurately reflects the SMSF’s current asset, allocation is an important compliance responsibility. It is good practice to review your current asset allocation against your documented strategy. If the fund’s current allocation falls outside the documented strategy you may wish to make an adjustment to […]

Accounting in Australia

What is accounting in Australia

Why is accounting so popular? What is accounting in Australia: Accounting consists of three basic activities it identifies, records, and communicates the economic events of an organization to interested users. Let’s take a closer look at these three activities. Three Activities To identify economic events, a company selects the economic events relevant to its business. […]

What's involved with an SMSF in Australia?

What’s involved with an SMSF in Australia?

Set up an SMSF What’s involved with an SMSF in Australia: So you’re thinking about starting your self-managed super fund. That’s great, but are you aware of what’s involved? So let’s take a quick look at a typical SMSF. When you first set up, you need to: Decide on fund members and trustees Establish the […]

Setting up an self managed super fund in Australia

Setting up an self managed super fund in Australia

Setting up your own self-managed super fund In this article we explain about setting up an self-managed super fund  in Australia and go into the the pros and cons involved with having a self-managed super fund. Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) are a way of saving for your retirement. Are self-managed super funds good?  If you […]