What is the Accounting Data Security Standard (ADSS)?

D.S Audit Services is an Accounting Data Security Standard certified company. The ADSS is the gold standard in data safety and security.

At D.S Audit Services, we respect our client data, using the gold standard in data security platforms for accounting firms, worldwide – Practice Protect.

Click here to learn more about Practice Protect and how D.S Audit Services ensures integrity of your data.

Why Practice Protect?

We implemented a platform called Practice Protect and the primary reason was because of you. We recognize the trust that you place in us by handing over sensitive data, passwords and access to our systems. Practice Protect is a software built for accounting firms to help manage the flow and storage of data securely. You can read more about it at www.practiceprotect.com

We take security seriously and while our servers, internet, and firewalls are secure, often, it’s the sharing of data that can be problematic for accounting firms. Luckily, we’ve never encountered issues but we’ve heard many stories of serious incidents caused by a lack of discipline on the accounting firms end. That won’t ever be us and Practice Protect is part of the journey we’ve walked on to honor our commitment.

Just some of the features that will give you greater peace of mind include:
– 2048-bit encryption – many times that of a standard password manager
– Password cloaking – our team will never see your user login details
– Timed, IP, and geo-specific access locks for our team
– Randomly generated mass password resets
– Total monitoring to ensure that your data is only accessed when provisioned
– One-click user lockouts
– Compliance documents and regular team training

There’s a lot more and I’d be more than happy to speak with you personally if you have any questions or want to dive deeper. We value the relationship we have with you and want to do our very best to uphold the trust you’ve placed in us.