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Seema NanayakkaraAudit Director

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Ralph RocoAudit Team Leader

Ralph Roco is the Team Leader of DS Audit Services residing in the Philippines. He has 3 years of experience in SMSF Auditing and played a key role in DS Audit team.

Before being delegated as the team leader, Ralph has been a part of the DS Audit services for 3 years and has done countless trainings (TOA SMSF Trainings, Emerging Leaders & etc). He is responsible as well for training new staff and equipping them with the necessary knowledge to be an SMSF Auditor. He carefully examines the validity and accuracy of an SMSF’s financial records and makes sure that the fund is compliant with superannuation rules. He makes sure that his professional judgement on the audited funds follows compliance standards and reports any contraventions have occurred, are occurring or are likely to occur in the future.

Romeo Jimenez IIISenior Auditor

Romeo is an accounting graduate and is one of the Senior Auditors in DS Audit. Known as the all-rounder or the Jack of all trades, he is great at dealing with issues and tasks with the team. Despite all these, Romeo has a great personality and loves to party. He is also a father of one and effectively manages his time with work and family. With a greatly developed skills in the auditing and accounting field, Romeo is an efficient employee in our company and is one of the best there is.

Merafe HenteroniSenior Auditor

As a dedicated and detail-oriented accounting professional, Merafe has been meeting the accounting needs of corporations and individuals. She has experienced working in one of the top auditing firms in the world, where she provided professional auditing services to business clients. She is passionate about learning, seeking different ways to engage, and building strong relationships to foster growth.

At DS Audit Service, her focus is on auditing and reviewing all the details of a fund, as well as aiding junior auditors with their work tasks.

Charrish ObusIntermediate Auditor

Charrish Obus works as an SMSF auditor in DS Audit Services since 2022. She is an experienced Accounts Payable Accountant and holds a license Bookkeeping since 2020 and a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeeper in the UK. She also has a dual bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Accounting Technology. Her greatest motivation is the dream of being able to provide more assistance to those in need.

Vebito Calles Jr.Intermediate Auditor

Jr is the newest guy in the group. He was previously a banker working in one of the top three banks in the country. Now, he is exploring a new horizon with SMSF Audit and is ready to utilize and expand his skills. He incorporates a diplomatic approach in his client interactions to maintain the good relationship that was established with them, a skill he got when he was dealing with multiple clients everyday before. At a first glance, he may seem very serious but, if you get to know him well, he is fun and outgoing most of the time.

Jilmer Christian LozadaJunior Auditor

Jilmer is a seasoned SMSF Auditor with a passion for auditing, accounting, and bookkeeping. With a sharp attention to detail and a commitment to quality, he has a proven track record of improving accounting systems and ensuring accuracy in financial reports. Beyond his professional pursuits, Jilmer is genuinely passionate about seeking ways to enhance the audit process.

Merry Krystel ColonganAdmin Team Leader / Junior Auditor

Kring is currently an Admin Assistant of DS Audit Services. She is a Certified Tax Technician. A bonafide member of Philippine Association of Certified Tax Technicians (PACTT) and Royal Institute of Singapore in Taxation (RIST). She is experienced in end-to-end Project Management with Australian and Singaporean clients. She loves spending her spare time with her family, might be a vacation or even just staying at home.

Gene Mark Tango-anAdmin / Junior Auditor

Mark is a highly motivated and results-driven professional with years of experience in Global Finance Masterdata. He exhibits an upright sense of awareness and consistently strive for precision and accuracy at work. These qualities enable him to excel in the tasks that require thoroughness, making him a valuable contributor in the team.

Peter Prim CalJunior Auditor

Peter is an incredible Junior SMSF Auditor at D.S. Audit Services. He had previously worked as Legal Department Associate providing conveyancing assistance to various clients. His knowledge and dedication are unmatched. He goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service.

Marie Jonadex BuenconsejoJunior Auditor

Nads, an airline management graduate turned into SMSF auditor due to her experience in finance and accounting in her previous job. She pursue her career in accounting by attending trainings and other extra curricular activities to expand her knowledge and understanding about the fundamentals of accounting and finance. She is an example of nothing is impossible if you learn it in a different way.

Vianca Marie CalimpongJunior Auditor

Vianca is a Management Accounting graduate and has an exceptional experience in quality customer service from her previous role in a reputable bank in the Philippines. She has an expertise in finding financial solutions and has gained clients’ trust over the years. She is goal-oriented and is eager to learn new things as well.

Jaymie Marie CanaveralJunior Auditor

Jaymie, the youngest in the team, is an Accountancy graduate who embarked on her professional journey with SMSF audits as her first job post-graduation. As an SMSF auditor with immediate experience in SMSF audit, Jaymie brings meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of financial regulations to every task. Having begun her career as an SMSF auditor before joining DS Audit and continuing in the same role today, she has developed a comprehensive skill set in this specialized field. Her passion for the field drives her to continuously seek growth, both professionally and personally, ensuring she stays abreast of industry developments and enhances her capabilities. Dedicated to delivering accurate and thorough audits, Jaymie is committed to helping clients achieve financial compliance and security, all while fostering a dynamic and fulfilling career.

Iris SarigumbaJunior Auditor

Iris is an Accountancy graduate and the newest team member of D.S Audit Services. She was previously an external auditor; she performed external audits with local affiliate of a Big Four auditing firm. She facilitated the audit of a well-known hotel that is a subsidiary of a publicly-listed entity in the Philippines. She is a results-driven, passionate and dedicated professional.